About Us

What We Do

Allusion Creek is all about story.  But not just any story.  Each of our stories builds upon the visual image created by one of our CreXpoCon collaborators.  Each story is told through the voice of Wyatt Sachs, the ‘teller of story’ for Allusion Creek.  We bring you interesting tales of interest, twists and usable information and food-for-thought.

Our Story

Allusion Creek is the outgrowth of the collaborative efforts of specific artists, within the CreXpoCon group.  As the participation increased a very interesting thread-of-thought began to unfold and remained a constant from image to image.  This thread-of-thought jumped from artist-to-artist, without their even knowing it was working; nor that they were being selected for this effort.  Which gave rise to the feeling that the end result was self-generating.

Adding to the imbued self-generation theory, each artist when approached to become involved in the project – jumped with enthusiastic support – of their participation.

As if the story took on a life of its own and we – the participants – had become merely the pawns of its purpose.

The energy of this symbiosis between creative imagery and the wordsmithery of the author has become intoxicatingly inspirational.

Allusion Creek … begins in the casual, and incidental, mention of an idea, action, event or perception, then observed in how it grows into a wider story.  The story itself begins to build with each layer adding not a single element, but multiples – thereby inducing the multiplier effect.  Very soon a simple incident can become a complex, life altering reality.

The reach of where this will go, is seriously limited only to the imagination of the CreXpoCon mindset.

Come follow us on this journey. We welcome the company.

What are Allusion Creek Stories Like?

The stories created by the CreXpoCon Project for the Allusion Creek collaborative are all what we refer to as Usable Historic Fiction.  Meaning, the tools, techniques, applications, geographic locations, natural history, methods – from fly recipes to business management – can all be applied in real life with positive outcomes. They are real-work, workable and tangible projects.

As well, the characters and some places; even events; are fictional, but the historic timeline, geographic locations, some major characters (story involved or temporally related) and events remain historically viable.  Everything else, regardless of how ‘real’ you may feel they are … are NOT real, but pure fiction.  The appearance of similarities to people and events – are not only unlikely, but directed to not be related.  This is what makes Allusion Creek so alluring.  Come follow the Allusion.

Next Steps…

All stories created by the CreXpoCon Project for the Allusion Creek collaborative  will be published for sale. The short-term publication list will be one of the following:  Novel, Novella, Short-story, Anthology and Flash-story.

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