Allusion Creek PROJECT : IT Begins

Allusion Creek – “From a Branch of Memory, where Dreams Run Wild, flow the waters of Allusion Creek. We are all haunted by water. Some more than others.” This tagline bespeaks of the stream of creativity, consciousness, dream and desire, in which this new Project flows. Again, this Project has it’s origin with my favorite ‘creative muse’, noted Canadian watercolorist, Diane Michelin.

Diane began posting her paintings as a series of in-situ or in-process of development. Some posts only showing a feint sketch of an outline for the image idea. Others with rudimentary washes of color. Each one revealing a different nature and character – not at all like the final rendering. Yet, each one speaking an interesting storyline and voice.

One such in-process post was of a older man in mid cast, standing at the edge of a stream, viewed from a low-angle – near ground level – from the left. The ambient imagery surrounding the man was ghostly and ephemeral in shades of grey. The man was touched in a light wash of suggestive colors. But it was all enough. The moment Les saw this image, he had a story outline and the introduction for Fogfemmera of Apparition Creek, in the form of a 64 line poem of 464 words, in under 25 minutes.

The name of the Project began as ‘Apparition Creek’, but it became too creepy and was not going the direction Les wanted. So he began going through naming options that were similar but connoted more of what his vision was for the Project series. Before long he had what he thought would work: Illusions Creek.

Les went to work building the Branding imagery and content. Yet, even after a very successful start on a full development of logo and backstory, the structure for what Less really wanted the stories to reveal, began falling apart. So then, did the perception of the name. Les wanted his stories to be read, felt and seen as mysteries that present one-thing and provide another even better. The idea of an Illusion was at base, trickery. And that was not what Les envisioned. So it was back to the thought chair.

Then it hit him -after a long stretch with the dictionary and thesaurus – the word he was looking for was in the middle of the two previous missteps. The word he needed was: Allusion! Thus was born, ‘Allusion Creek’.

So WHY? Allusion, instead of the other two? What’s different about this word? Fair question and here’s Les’ answer.

“As stated earlier, the word Apparition worked for the first few images/stories, but soon ran out of steam and was definitely requiring my writing to go less than desired direction. I am not interested in writing a ‘Stephen King’ type of story. The word means, ‘…a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost; a specter or phantom’. Yes, that line of mystery can make interesting reading, but it does not offer an executable scalability needed by the range of images I was getting into, nor stories they inspired. I needed something different.

“I began looking through the dictionary and thesaurus for variations. I came upon the word, Illusion. Illusion appeared to work. I liked the ‘lighter version’ of a specter-based story. So I set to creating the logo and supportive content for the blog. I moved fast and quickly. Before long I had established an email address, and was closing in on doing and blogs. Then it hit me… I don’t want to be performing some sort of illusion in the writing. That’s not what this is about. Arrgghh!

Back to the drawing board… “It was at this point I realized what I imagined for this series was a sense of mystery, a reality of now, and a dash of what could be.  Thus, it wasn’t so much me that imagined, but YOU, the reader. My job then was to set-the-stage, then point the word story in such a flow that YOU will read into it the magic of what it will become.  Thus, the allusion that reality is malleable in the hands of whomever works with it.” And so the name reveals … ‘Allusion Creek: From a Branch of Memory, where Dreams Run Wild, Flow the waters of Allusion Creek. We are all haunted by water. Some more than others.’ I hope you find this series enjoyable, entertaining and a fertile foundation for your own imagination.  Welcome to Allusion Creek.   Wyatt Sachs