Allusion Creek … it’s imaginative

Since I was a small child, I have loved the power of the, telling of story.  Whether the telling comes from a real person, a book, a movie, a TV show or theatrical performance – maybe a musical performance … no matter how the story is delivered, there’s always a voice that brings us the story.

Someone, who delivers the details, wrapped in a convincing cover of whatever mood the story  wants us to receive.

How utterly magical this all becomes! It happens each time we drink in the story; no matter how many times we hear, see, feel the story, it’s all there.

Because of my love for the telling of story I have been involved in the process all my life.  No matter if it was solving an image question; providing a marketing solution; writing an ad or informative copy; developing a convincing video or photographic image array — each one involved the telling of story.

Allusion Creek is one of a number of Projects, I have on-going, in the evolution of this process.  I saw potential for this, over 25 years ago, when I experienced a life-altering collision with an information source that was destined to take humanity’s collective breath away.  But I had no idea how I would ride this wave. I just knew I had to get on the wave and ride it for all it could deliver!

Along the way, new tools were created. Some of which I have had an intimate roll in manipulating their development and deployment. All the while, with my end-goal always in mind: telling story.

In the beginning of the Social Media bloom of the mid 2000’s, I could see my vision coming to life.  Connecting with people of shared interest; people of juxtaposing views, interesting thoughts, creative genius … that I could actually develop relationships with across thousands of miles of real-time geography… on an instantaneous basis… has made — Allusion Creek a reality.

Primarily through a single Facebook account, I’ve been able to forge collaborative relationships, with over 200 artists and creative minds – who share a love of outdoors, environment, fly-fishing, art and creative expression.  Among this amazing array of humanity; most of whom I am still in the, ‘Friend Not Yet Met’, classification; I have developed very close personal relationships with these folks, whom I’ve not -YET- met.

It’s great when you finally get to meet those whom you’ve known for years – in some cases for me, it’s decades now!  But I have never found it an inhibition to the collaborative process, to be scattered among the packets of the digital connection.

Allusion Creek is the result of my intersection with great creatives from around the world.  As their art and creative motion, inspires me -Story- emerges and I tell it.  This is the process of Allusion Creek.

Well .. partially.

For you see Allusion Creek is special.  It’s not real, but you’ll swear you saw, heard, felt, understood, merged with the characters, places. events – you have read.  But you ONLY did in your mind.  In the Allusion of the Story.  And this is why we return, again and again … to the scene of that Allusion. Not really seeking answer, but more the feeling we felt. Capturing it and yet … still looking.  The power of the Allusion Creek.