Who is Wyatt Sachs

Retired cowboy, sometimes hunting and fly-fishing guide, avid amateur photographer / digital artist, dreaming-to-be writer, storyteller of the 1st Order, pontificator,  stirrup-based philosopher, lover of all outdoors. The kind of fella most just simply enjoy being around. 

A man who once found and followed his weaknesses for skirts, booze and fists, who now finds his strength in the heart of a good woman and the Spirit of the Creator God who honestly cares about him.  Wyatt is not a pontificator of religion or politics and rarely discusses money – except with those who owe him his due and are delinquent. 

Wyatt has known his share (and then some!) of hardships in this life, but he chooses – a character trait, years-in-the-making – to allow those areas to be platforms for positive development. He does not dwell upon the past errors, but chooses instead to look to the future of good-choice and kindnesses-granted, as his motivation in life.  

Wyatt Sachs is both the voice of the narrative in the stories taking place on the banks, in the riffles, along the flow, amid the channels, in the mountains, by the coast, among the trees … all over the earth, of… Allusion Creek and the literal voice (vocal) in the Allusion Creek podcast.  

Each story presented by Allusion Creek, will derive its origin from a progress image … of a painting/illustration/creative work … from a member artist/creative, of the Allusion Creek Project Group, known as CreXpoCon … the Creative Exponential Continuum

The story will be introduced through the modalities of: referring to a talk, chat, conversation, note, letter, email, message of some sort – received by Wyatt Sachs, in which his introduction and explanation of the communication, segues into the story.